What kind of problem students are facing after completing their MBA to get good job.

What kind of problem students are facing after completing their MBA to get good job.


ATTITUDE: often students say no to target based jobs, or have unrealistic fir salary expectation of have pre conceived notions about sectors like insurance.

BIG PICTURE THINKING: Most students from Tier II Business schools are unable to grasp big picture business issues.

BUSINESS COMMUNICATION: English is usually very poor, since most students hail from Tier II and III towns.

GROOMING/PERSONALITY/CONFIDENCE: due to lack of exposure, students find it difficult to fully articulate their view and are often not presentable to clients.

CORPORATE EXPOSURE: Knowledge of what’s happening in the industry and understanding of real world corporate requirement is missing

DOMAIN KNOWLEDGE: Practical skills in Marketing,  Finance, IT, Operations and a deep knowledge of core concepts is completely missing.

SALES AND CUSTOMER SERVICE: While most entry-level jobs involve either sales or Customer Service, most student lack practical, street smart skills on it.

BASIC MANAGERIAL SKILLS: Critical skills like Accountabilty of result, ability to work in teams, openness to feedback etc., are missing.

ETHICS: Companies immediately reject candidates if they have the slightest doubt on character. But often students try to bluff in interview to act smart.


The good news is that these skills can be taught but it requires a concerted attempt and a very structured scientific process. For example, on something so basic as English, there is no evidence to suggest that simply hiring an English trainer for two months can actually improve the level of English of MBAs. Some polishing perhaps yes, but the students can still not do intelligent conversation with the hiring companies in English.

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