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Difference between ANM, GNM & BSC-N

What is the ANM, GNM & BSC-N

Graduates with an ANM or a GNM can find employment in the public or private sectors. Aspiring candidates can achieve their ambitions of becoming nurses with the support of the ANM nursing program, particularly if they did not major in science in high school. A significant distinction in program length exists between ANM and GNM programs as well. Compared to the ANM program, the GNM program is lengthier and offers more chances for advancement and pay. Alternatively, individuals may choose to pursue the GNM Nursing course after finishing the ANM Nursing Diploma course.


Difference between ANM, GNM & BSC-N

In contrast to the diploma-level ANM and GNM programs, the BSc Nursing program is a 4-year degree program. It highlights the practical skills that nursing students possess. There are even more options accessible in relation to these course, some other courses are below given table

some other courses after ANM & GNM


Type Details
Basic Nursing The basic GNM is the most prevalent form of GNM. It is a bachelor’s degree programme that prepares students to gain nursing skills and knowledge to provide comprehensive nursing care to patients with a variety of disorders.
Post-basic GNM Advanced knowledge is explored by candidates in the post-basic GNM or post-basic BSc Nursing programmes. This information is delivered in the classroom, as well as through educational trips and clinical lessons.
Distance GNM Because GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) is a highly technical profession, remote learning options are restricted. Students should be careful of universities that provide GNM via distance learning.

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