Unlock Your Nursing Career: Your Path to Becoming a Nurse After 12th Grade and Explore Nursing Career!



Have you dreamed of a nursing career? Here is everything you need to know!

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  • A BSc Nursing degree could be your path to fulfilling that dream. BSc Nursing, short for Bachelor of Science in Nursing, is a four-year undergraduate program designed to provide nurses with the necessary skills and knowledge. 
  • During these four years, students complete a comprehensive curriculum that includes a combination of classroom theory and practical training in real health care settings.
  •  This practical experience is very important for students to develop the basic skills they need on the job. After successfully completing the BSc Nursing program and passing the necessary licensing exams, graduates are eligible to work as nurses. These registered nurses play an important role in providing direct patient care in a variety of healthcare settings such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Now let’s talk about the requirements to enroll in the BSc Nursing curriculum. 
  • Candidates must have passed 12th standard in science stream in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Admission to BSc nursing programs is primarily based on grade 12.
  •  But many educational institutions also consider entrance exams like KCET, NEET, CUET and others. Regarding the cost of completing a BSc in Nursing, it varies from institution to institution. On an average, the tuition fees range from INR 8500 to 1.3 lakh.
  •  Several reputed colleges and universities offer undergraduate nursing programs including JIPMER Puducherry, Amity University (Gurugram) and Armed Forces Medical College. After you graduate with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, many opportunities await you.
  •  You can explore various jobs such as Administrative Assistant, Staff Nurse, First Aid Technician and more. Fresh graduates usually start with a starting salary of around INR 2.5-3 LPA. However, with experience the salary can increase significantly and is around INR 5-6 LPA for five years in the industry. 
  • So, if you are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and are ready to begin a rewarding career as a nurse, consider completing your Bachelor of Science in Nursing today!

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